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by Alison Circle
Bubble Room (blog) – 4 August 2009

I keep top of mind everyday this comment from my own husband: who uses the library anymore? I  remember it because it is so easy to be lulled into a presumption that everyone understands the value and relevance of a library. Look at all the people who come in our doors everyday. But here is someone pretty close to the library action, who doesn’t see the value.

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By Melissa L. Rethlefsen
netConnect – 15 July 2009

Faced with budget challenges that make the current system unsustainable, the Milwaukee Public Library has begun a series of community meetings asking for input on “Rethinking Libraries for the 21st Century.”

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by Larra Clark and Denise Davis|
Library Technology Reports – January 2009

This issue examines the current state of library-technology funding, looking at common problems and concerns among librarians who make technological decisions for their facilities throughout the United States.

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by William H. Wisner
Christian Science Monitor  – 17 July 2009

Focusing so much on their technology actually dumbs them down.

Libraries were once a sacred secular space of silence and reverence – a place where one automatically lowered one’s voice. As a direct heir to the Enlightenment, the establishment of libraries was a testament to the self-evident integrity of mankind, the belief that we all desire to find the truth through knowledge.

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By Monnie Nilsson
The Denver Post

In a world that increasingly skips paper in favor of pixels, libraries are reinventing themselves.

They are transforming into community centers and job banks. They are lending electronically and marketing in ways that dare their commercial bookselling counterparts to stay competitive. They’re even offering to let folks come in and play video games.

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by Jan Richards
inCite – Jan/Feb 2009

The article offers a look at the trends that influence public libraries in Australia. It emphasizes the need for public libraries to connect with each other in order to meet the specific needs of library users. The availability of access and training on information technologies for library usage is described. The authors argues that as information technology increases, library visitation and reading also increased.

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Unison and the University of Cardiff have published a report called Taking stock: the future of our public library service. The ‘our’ they are talking about is the UK public library service, but there are plenty of ideas to consider for Australian libraries.

The report looks a range of issues including measuring value and quality, book stock, facilities, and staffing.

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Expanding Horizons – Positioning Queensland public libraries for the future 2008-2012 is a collaborative positioning statement co-developed by the State Library (SLQ) the Queensland Public Libraries Association (QPLA) and the Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ).

The document is an advocacy tool for Queensland public libraries, which can be used within your own Council, or to develop partnerships within your community, or used as a strategic resource to showcase the value and potential for libraries in Queensland. The document aims to:

  • Advance the vision and opportunities for public libraries
  • Provide a resource, which demonstrates the nature, value and potential for public libraries
  • Increase community and Government understanding of the role of public libraries
  • Identify the critical issues facing public libraries
  • Reflect national and international trends in library best practice
  • Increase community and Government engagement with libraries
  • Support libraries to position themselves strategically within Council and the community
  • Increase the sustainability and profile of public libraries

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by Katy Watson
Paper from ALIA Beyond the Hype Web 2.0 Symposium 2008

Why is your library considering using web 2.0 technologies?

• Is it because it is the latest trend?

• Is it because you want to keep up with what other Libraries are doing?

• Is it because you have a personal interest in the technology?

• Or is it because your clients require services that are met by the implementation of these technologies?

Be honest. Are your library 2.0 services driven by client demand?

Or are your decisions being driven by technology, trend and hype?

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by Alex Byrne
Australia Library Journal – 1 November 2008

Web 2.0 challenges libraries to change from their predominantly centralised service models with integrated library management systems at the hub. Implementation of Web 2.0 technologies and the accompanying attitudinal shifts will demand reconceptualisation of the nature of library and information service around a dynamic, ever changing, networked, information access paradigm. To fulfill that promise, our workforce must become more flexible, applying sophisticated and continually refreshed information technology skills to a service model in which libraries become less static and more responsive to evolving client expectations and needs.

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