Expanding Horizons – Positioning Queensland public libraries for the future 2008-2012 is a collaborative positioning statement co-developed by the State Library (SLQ) the Queensland Public Libraries Association (QPLA) and the Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ).

The document is an advocacy tool for Queensland public libraries, which can be used within your own Council, or to develop partnerships within your community, or used as a strategic resource to showcase the value and potential for libraries in Queensland. The document aims to:

  • Advance the vision and opportunities for public libraries
  • Provide a resource, which demonstrates the nature, value and potential for public libraries
  • Increase community and Government understanding of the role of public libraries
  • Identify the critical issues facing public libraries
  • Reflect national and international trends in library best practice
  • Increase community and Government engagement with libraries
  • Support libraries to position themselves strategically within Council and the community
  • Increase the sustainability and profile of public libraries

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