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by Norman Oder
Library Journal – 13 July 2009

Libraries had better prepare for an explosion in the capacity of mobile devices as well as the transformative increase in user capacity and expectations. This was the message conveyed by a panel yesterday at the American Library Association’s (ALA) Annual Conference on Libraries and Mobile Devices: Public Policy Considerations.

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by Stephanie Elam
CNN – 2 July 2009

“What should I do with my used textbooks?”

That’s a question many college students have pondered. But for Xavier Helgesen and his partners, Kreece Fuchs and Jeff Kurtzman, that question laid the foundation for their company, Better World Books.

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Bobbie Johnson – 1 July 2009

The Open Library hopes to unite the net and the printed word by creating a web page for every book. Bobbie Johnson talks to the audacious project’s leader.

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by Sheryl Butterfield – 27 June 2009

YA Central is Penguin publishers’ new online endeavor to attract teen readers. The network offers book information and entertainment specifically for teens. The site is being marketed to schools, libraries and parenting Web sites and blogs. Penguin, like other publishers in the industry, is experimenting with the latest online trends to reach a young adult market. New formats are especially important when seeking to connect books and new technologies.

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by Sandra Smith. 
Australasian Public Libraries and Information Services  – Dec 2008
Reading to babies, infants and toddlers is one of the most important things families can do with their children to develop their literacy. As a result of this and other evidence, Communities for Children Cranbourne has developed a partnership with the Casey Cardinia Library Corporation in an outreach program that rakes the library’s resources to places where the local community goes, via existing agencies and child friendly facilities.
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by Rob Reid
American Libraries – May 2009

I find myself in front of dozens of family groups each year, entertaining them with stories and songs at libraries, schools, festivals, and literacy programs. I thoroughly enjoy audiences where young children are joined by older siblings, parents, grandparents, cousins, and friends.

This togetherness is in sharp contrast to my first introduction to public library story programs, in the early 1980s. I volunteered at my local library and was told, “Whatever you do, don’t let the parents in!”…

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by Andy W

The failure is not the technology. The capacity to download, store, and recall hundreds if not thousands of books is impressive. The ability to replicate the look of font on paper is incredible. Each generation of e-book devices is rapidly outpacing the previous incarnations with additional features such as internet browser, PDF support, wireless updates, subscription support, and multiple e-book file types. The technology in and of itself is grand and a true marvel of the modern times.

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by Kate Worlock
FUMSI – April 2009

The eBooks market has been poised for greatness for many years, held back by poor content capabilities, the lack of a suitable technology and the non-availability of valuable content. However, two key devices – the Sony Reader and the Amazon Kindle – as well as applications to read eBooks on devices like the iPhone have thrust eBooks back into the spotlight, re-igniting interest from consumers, business users, students and publishers.

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by Vivien Chung
inCite – 1 April 2009

The article focuses on the Willoughby City Library, dominated by Chinese community group. It states that the library has been organising different activities for the Chinese customers with its extensive Chinese language collection that can widen its services to the Chinese community in the area. A book club for Chinese readers have been created to provide opportunity for people who enjoy reading books. It also cites the preparation and experiences of the organisers for the making of the club.

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by Jill Castek and Jessica Mangelson
Book Links – March 2009

Students at Grove Elementary have become celebrated authors due to the schoolwide online library they all helped build. By engaging students in online bookmaking, their librarian, Mrs. Silver, has inspired learners of all ages and reading abilities to become recognized authors. This column introduces free, easy-to-use resources that can be used to create online books, which can then be showcased in customized online libraries. In the process of becoming online authors, students learn to love writing.

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