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By Monnie Nilsson
The Denver Post

In a world that increasingly skips paper in favor of pixels, libraries are reinventing themselves.

They are transforming into community centers and job banks. They are lending electronically and marketing in ways that dare their commercial bookselling counterparts to stay competitive. They’re even offering to let folks come in and play video games.

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By Michael Casey & Michael Stephens
Library Journal – 15 March 2009

We’ve written about ideas for improving customer service, boosting staff morale, fostering change, and building a management and communication style that is win-win for both staff and administration. Almost everything we’ve discussed has, as its only cost, time–necessary to plan, implement, and review.

There are no expensive technologies to purchase, no cutting-edge software to struggle with, and no $500-an-hour consultants. Our suggestions involve listening, dialog, and transparent actions. Trust is the underlying concept. Communication is its foundation.

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from Library Journal online 2009

Movers & Shakers, which LJ launched in 2002 to identify librarians, vendors, and others who are “shaping the future of libraries,” is now over 400 innovators strong, with the addition of the 51 members of the Class of 2009. Together, these individuals comprise the coming generation of library leadership. They’ve embraced library technology, particularly library 2.0, “to provide exceptional service and kick-ass collections that respond to the real interest of patrons,” as one of this year’s Movers so aptly phrased it.

Overachievers all, they represent a Who’s Who of creativity and library trends in the field.

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by Ben Cubby
Sydney Morning Herald – 18 March 2009

As well as lending books, libraries in central Sydney will soon start lending devices that give households a reading of their carbon footprint.

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By Ed Kieczykowski
netConnect, 15 January 2009

With numerous building projects looming, the San Bernardino PL turned to RFID to speed up the check-out process and free up staff from performing menial duties, thus enabling them to better serve patrons. County librarian Ed Kieczykowski tells all.

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