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by Kelly McKeon and Ellen Thompson
Australian Library Journal – 1 November 2008

The Arts Libraries Society of Australia and New Zealand (Arlis/ANZ) recently implemented a new web presence. More than just a website, it was envisaged as a web ‘identity’, a virtual clubhouse where the Society could conduct its ‘virtual business’ and where members could ‘meet’ and contribute to the activities of their Society, free from physical and technical barriers. This paper concentrates on the initial stage in the project: the real-world learning collaboration with three student design teams; the Web 2.0 technologies and approach which enabled us to manage the project effectively; and how the project modeled the vision for the Web 2.0 look, feel and attitude of the final site. The site is newly implemented, and is still in its infancy. Evaluation of the success of the Web 2.0 approach will be the focus of the next stages of the project. So while this paper does not provide an evaluation per se, we reflect upon the next phase of actively engaging members, and measuring the success of the site against our vision of an ‘Arlis/ANZ 2.0.’

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by Grey Allman
Info Career Trends – 2 September 2008

The success of any project hinges on the right people having the right information at the right time. Like librarians, project managers are responsible for connecting people to the information or resources they need when they need them.

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