by Steve Hansen
BiblioFuture Р9 September 2009

A small district in Adams County, Colo., is changing the face of public libraries. Introducing AnythinkTM, a new style of library that celebrates imagination, play and interactivity. Studies have shown that people who have had transformative experiences at their local library are more willing to support them at the polls. The Anythink model was designed to help libraries remain relevant by offering more than just books to their customers. They offer innovative programming, technology, and the highest level of customer service so that everyone who walks into an Anythink feels welcome.

Eliminating overdue fines and switching from Dewey Decimal Classification to a word-based system were just some of the changes on the road to Anythink. The next step in this revolution is the Sept. 12 launch of the district`s new brand, which represents the new library philosophy.