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by Jenny Levine
Library Technology Reports 
– July 2009

2008 may be remembered as the year in which gaming became just like any other service in libraries, with librarians implementing gaming initiatives that look very much like those we already offer for books, movies, music, and computers for as varied an audience as other library services are offered. In this third issue of z devoted to the topic of gaming in libraries, “Gaming in Libraries: Learning Lessons from the Intersections,” we will examine some of the most common themes being noted and shared by librarians and illustrate them with five case studies.

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By Monnie Nilsson
The Denver Post

In a world that increasingly skips paper in favor of pixels, libraries are reinventing themselves.

They are transforming into community centers and job banks. They are lending electronically and marketing in ways that dare their commercial bookselling counterparts to stay competitive. They’re even offering to let folks come in and play video games.

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by Tim Gritten
Marketing Library Services – May/June 2008

If you are going to reach out to a target audience that rarely enters the library, you can find no better group than senior citizens in a retirement center. And if you are going to visit a retirement center, you can find no better means to engage the residents than by offering them the opportunity to play an interactive and physically stimulating game from Nintendo called the Wii. With the Wii, the seniors are able to enliven their minds and bodies, and it’s helped some of them foster personal relationships with our Indiana State University (ISU) librarians and with the outside community.

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