by Peter Godwin
ITALICS – eLIT 2006 Special Issue

Internet generation students do not view the Library as the natural place to undertake their learning or research. This generation believes it knows how to search by typing words into Google, and can find our tuition patronizing. These amateur searchers are now using Web 2.0 tools like MySpace to create web content. The trend toward user-driven content will grow with the use of blogging and other Web 2.0 tools. Students can derive educational benefits from use of social networking, blogs, wikis, RSS feeds, tagging, folksonomies, podcasts, instant messaging and mashups. Library staff can take the initiative in acquiring knowledge of these tools, assisting academic staff and working collaboratively to use the new tools with them in the curriculum, particularly with delivery of information literacy. However, the need for guidance on how to use keywords, and more crucially, the ethical use and evaluation of material remains.

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